Bloom_1.jpgBloom's Taxonomy - The Old and the New

"The graphic is a representation of the NEW verbage associated with the long familiar Bloom's Taxonomy. Note the change from Nouns to Verbs [e.g., Application to Applying] to describe the different levels of the taxonomy. Note that the top two levels are essentially exchanged from the Old to the New version." (Schultz, 2005) (Evaluation moved from the top to Evaluating in the second from the top, Synthesis moved from second on top to the top as Creating.) Source:

plant.jpgA very resourceful Wiki on Bloom's Taxonomy

plant.jpgVisit the Visual Bloom's Wiki

You will these two Visual Representation of Bloom's Taxonomic Hierarchy with a 21st Century Skills Frame as well as many other resources.


title.jpg The Educational Origami Wiki contains many resource linking Bloom's Taxonomy to 21st Century learning.

BloomingOrange.jpgBlooming Orange: Bloom's Taxonomy Helpful Verbs Poster

A description of Bloom's Taxonomy in a Prezi! Includes Web 2.0 tools.