Frame1.jpgFun with Photos!frame2.jpg

Decorate your photos with awesome frames for free! A sample:

Very easy! Just click on BROWSE and upload a photo from your computer. Choose a frame. Click save. You can share on Facebook and other social media or save to your computer.

An Incredible Way To Teach Students About Growing Up

There is a fantastic new site that is called Young Me / Now Me that showcases side-by-side photos of people back when they were young… and then also them doing the same pose in present day. It makes for both an entertaining experience for Mr. Everyday Internet User but can also be applied to the classroom.


(Print your friends) - Create a profile picture of all your Facebook and/or Twitter Friends


Find inspirational billboards at or make your own like I did above using create your own billboard.


Block Posters: Create any size wall posters from any size images. Totally Free To Use!


Photo.jpgOnline Photo Enhancement and Presentation Platform.Free software & online services.

bhl.jpg Big Huge Labs is a site where you can upload photos to create a variety of formats. Posters, puzzles, motivational posters, magazine covers, movie posters, badges, calendars, etc...